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Information relating to the coronavirus (Covid-19)

We are writing during the expansion of information relating to the coronavirus (Covid-19). Large scale public gatherings and institutions are being shut down in increasing numbers as we write this. We want to share our thoughts on the importance of keeping us all safe during this time and finding ways to help families resolve their disputes.

Now that community spread has been confirmed in Minnesota, we feel it is responsible to temporarily change our delivery of service model so that we may continue to be available to assist families while implementing the social distancing required to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 virus. We will be understanding of cancellations that need to take place to ensure the health and safety of others, but also want to offer other possibilities for ADR sessions as in-person meetings for business purposes become increasingly discouraged. We regularly conduct sessions with people appearing from remote locations across the country and across the globe by use of Skype and FaceTime. This allows some of the face to face contact that is helpful in resolving cases without jeopardizing the health of others. We have recently added Zoom videoconferencing to the options for online ADR, and we encourage you to consider registering for a free account at

Beginning March 17, 2020, McGrath Dispute Resolution and Manrique ADR will be closed to in-person sessions. We will be using the online options to provide services on all currently scheduled and new cases until further notice. We will be closely monitoring the recommendations of the public health authorities and resume in-person sessions only when appropriate.

For all submissions, please be sure to send them by e-mail to Denise and Kevin, or Jillian and Tanja. If you are planning to deliver materials, please call to be sure we will be here to receive them. We will be implementing social distancing by working from home as much as possible for at least the next two weeks.

We will today begin contacting your offices to discuss how best to accommodate your upcoming case(s). We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we work quickly to make the changes necessary in this challenging time. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to continue being of assistance to you and your clients.

Kevin McGrath and Denise Eschenbach, McGrath Dispute Resolution
Tanja Manrique and Jillian Kealy, Manrique ADR

McGrath Dispute Resolution, LLC
P.O. Box 788 • Prior Lake, Minnesota 55372
Telephone: 612.424.6505